Join our meeting room from Computer:

  1. You must have a Google account and you must be signed into it.
  2. Click on this link:
  3. Click the button that looks like this:  to create a video meeting room. 
  4. Click on the “Invite People” button ——> Click “COPY LINK TO SHARE” to get the link.
  5. Send the link to people whom you want to participate. Send it by email, text, etc.
  6. Participants must have a Google account and should be signed in to it BEFORE clicking on the link that you sent.
  7. People could join via computer, cellphone, tablet. Cellphone/Tablet user must have the Google  “Hangout LLC” app. installed on their phone. It could be downloaded at:
  8.  Wait for the people to join.
  9. Have fun at your meeting. 
Made by Henry IV